What is Windsor Dairy's Learning Center?

Meg and Arden of Windsor Dairy

Drs. Meg Cattell and Arden Nelson have prepared these research summaries as a way of introducing you to a bit of the science that is known about our favorite topics. These topics accent the knowledge about human nutrition that is at the intersection of human health and consumption of animal products.

If we feed our food animals properly, they will feed us properly. Each of us has a health status that is a combination of the genes we inherited from our ancestors, and the nutrition we put into our bodies. Health happens when our bodies receive the nutrients that are needed.

These summaries are taken from the results of research that has been peer reviewed and published, and often represents the most current knowledge available.

We cared about your nutrition when we were making the best animal origin food for you. Even though we are retired from farming, our caring goes on today in the form of continued updates to our Learning Center, assisting you with understanding the latest in human nutrition knowledge.

Nutrition is everything to cows and to humans!!

The Learning Center has been updated as of March 19, 2023. Here are 6 random articles. Refresh your browser window to randomize them again. Be sure to use the Nav Menu to see the latest!

Casomorphine and A1-A2 milk

Casomorphine and A1-A2 milk

Imbalance between Omega-6 and Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Early Pregnancy is Predictive of Postpartum Depression

10-20% of recent mothers suffer from postpartum depression. Diet changes can help prevent this.

Marine n-3 Fatty Acids and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer

This recent and massive(n=25,871) U.S. study shows that fish oil is powerful!

Fatty Acids in Organic and Conventional Milk

Fatty Acid Levels in Organically and Conventionally Produced Milk

ALA in Maternal Diet Produces Milk with No DHA

This confirms that dogs need a direct source of EPA, DHA, just like us humans!

Omega 3 and Human Health

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid and Human Health

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