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Need more reasons to love your raw milk and Windsor cows and pigs? Look no further.


Weight Lifters Gain More Muscle on Milk

Weight lifters found to gain more muscle and lose more fat on milk than protein drink

Cardiovascular Disease and General Health

Cardiovascular Disease and General Health

Discover Magazine Excerpts and Comments

Comments on Selected Excerpts from Discover Magazine's January 2008 TOP 100 Science Stories of 2007

Autism and Pesticides

Increased autism spectrum disorders found in children of mothers exposed to pesticides during early pregnancy

Part 1: Organic Dairy Advantages (Omega-3 EFA)

How did we get to the point of suffering from a plague of diseases that have a fairly simple EFA deficiency as one of the principle causes? It was a multi-step process that has taken thousands of years, but most of the high impact changes have happened since 1950.

Part 2: Organic Dairy Advantages (CLA)

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) (also called rumenic acid) is is a fatty acid that is made by the team of the rumen bacteria and the cows’ tissues. During its change, it transforms from an omega-6 fatty acid (linoleic acid) that we already have too much of in our typical American diet (see part 1 of this series) to a powerful fatty acid that prevents and even helps cure cancer, helps prevent obesity, helps prevent atherosclerosis, and helps prevent diabetes mellitus!

Omega-3 Reading List

Nutrition is everything to the dairy cow. Research has started to find the facts to support that this is also true in humans! Nutrition is everything.

A1 and A2 Milk

In a recent Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) “Nourishing Traditions All Thumbs Book Review” article describing “Devil in The Milk: Illness, Health and The Politics of A1-A2 Milk”, a statement was made that has been repeated often and is still erroneous.

Omega 3 and Human Health

This Windsor Dairy Slide presentation presents the knowledge to understand the importance of enough Omega-3 essential fatty acid in the human diet.

Stanford Organic-Conventional Foods Study

Stanford published their meta-analysis study on the safety of organic and conventional foods. Their press releases and the subsequent press coverage was not representative of the results of their study.

Slideshows pt. 1


Windsor Dairy Beef

The Flavor is Different ...

Uruguayan Beef Study

See how Grass Fed Compared to Grain Fed Beef in Uruguayan Study

Wisconsin Grass Fed Dairy Study

First Phase of Study Examines Properties of Grass Fed Dairy Products

Windsor Dairy Foods Overview

Windsor Dairy Foods Overview


Aracauna Eggs Compared to Brown Eggs

Many of you have reported that Aracauna Eggs are Better - Here's Proof!

Aracauna Farm Eggs Compared to Confinement Eggs

Many of you have reported that Aracauna Eggs are Better - Here's Proof!


When Animals Talk

A fun look at what the animals say at Windsor Dairy


State of Fat in U.S. Diet

All about fat in the U.S. diet : the good, bad, and ugly.

All About CLA

CLA: definition, research, and more...

All About Omega 3

Omega 3: definition, research, why it is important to your body!

Omega 3 Curves

Human female curves, babies, lactation and Omega-3 PUFAs - what is the connection?

Alpine Cheese

Alpine Cheese is Different than Lower Elevation Cheese

Omega 3 Conversion, Distribution, and Dose Response

How diet and metabolism affect your Omega 3 Levels

Flaxseed to Animals to Humans

The French fed flaxseed to food producing animals, then fed those animals to humans. Want to know more?

Mimicking the Pre-migratory Omega-3 Doping by Migratory Sandpipers

Semi-palmated Sandpipers Increase their intake of Omega-3 Prior to their 5000+ mile migration. Want to know more?

Seafood Intake, Sexual Activity, and Time to Pregnancy

More Seafood Eaten Resulted in more Sex and More Pregnancies

Fish Oil Supplements and Testicular Function:

Associations of Fish Oil Supplement Use With Testicular Function in Young Men

Global Survey of Omega-3 Blood Levels:

Healthy Adult Levels of EPA and DHA around the world.

Omega-3s, Bone Density and Injuries in Female College athletes:

Connection between Omega-3 levels and Injuries in College Female Athletes?

Topical Fish Oil and Ultrasound Assist Tendon Healing:

Rat Study shows how various healing therapies compare.

Training Affects Muscle Membrane Fatty Acid Composition:

Want to guess whether Omega-3s or Omega-6s Increase with training?

Trends in Sperm Counts:

A meta-analysis of 244 studies from 1973-2011 shows steady decline

Blood Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Death from CoViD-19

This California study show a drastic reduction in death by CoViD-19 with higher Omega-3 Index.

Omega-3 Supplementation Increases CoViD-19 Survival

This Iranian study supplemented fish oil to critically ill CoViD-19 patients and greatly reduced deaths.

Omega-3 Supplements to Pregnant Women Decreased Allergic Disease in Infants

This Swedish study shows a great reduction in allergic disease for the first two years of life in the babies born to fish oil supplemented mothers.

Heart Health

Adipose CLA and Heart Attacks

Adipose CLA levels affect heart attack incidence

Lyon Diet Heart Study

The most important diet intervention study for heart attack prevention!

Sydney Diet Heart Study

Data from Sydney Diet Heart Study of 1973 re-visited and re-analyzed

Omega-3 Index

The Omega-3 Index is a laboratory measurement of PUFA status.

Statins and Omega-3s: A Review

This review compares effectiveness of statins and omega-3s using mortality data.

Marine n-3 Fatty Acids and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer

This recent and massive(n=25,871) U.S. study shows that fish oil is powerful!

Repatha: A New LDL Cholesterol Lowering Drug

It really lowers LDL Cholesterol. How did it perform in a worldwide, 25,564 person research trial?

Statins, Fish Oil versus Heart Attacks:

Statins with Fish Oil help prevent secondary Heart Disease

Slideshows pt. 2

Milk Compared

Casomorphine and A1-A2 milk

Casomorphine and A1-A2 milk

Fatty Acids in Organic and Conventional Milk

Fatty Acid Levels in Organically and Conventionally Produced Milk

Raw Milk Quailty: Conventional vs Farmstead Cheese

Reviews of two studies: New York conventional milk and Vermont farmstead raw milk cheese

Bovine Milk Fatty Acids

Bovine Milk is not Bovine Milk

Organic Milk Higher in Omega-3 and CLA

Organic Milk Higher in Omega-3 and CLA

Feeding Flaxseed to cows changes their milk

Feeding extruded whole flaxseed to cows increases the omega-3 content in milk, butter and cheese.


Fatty Acids Control Body Composition in Mice

CLA fed to mice resulted in the lowest body fat percentage.

Mouse Adipose Stimulation

Mice fed high fat diets with Omega-6 gained more weight

Omega-3 PC Affects Fatty Rats

Diets higher in Omega-3 decrease liver and blood fats in fat prone rats.

Obesity and Omega-3 EFAs

Exhaustive literature review of obesity-omega-3 relationship

Farmed Salmon in Mouse Diets Changes the Mice

Farmed Salmon are Different than Wild Salmon because their diets are different.

Dietary Calcium and Obesity

In high fat diets, higher calcium from dairy products decreases obesity.

Evaluation of Milk Type Consumed and Weight Status of Preschoolers

It has been assumed that if kids drink higher fat milk, they will be fatter.

Obesity and Vitamin D by Milk Type Consumed by Young Kids

Are we feeding the right fat level milk to our kids?

Blood Glucose Patterns After Eating Carbs vs Fats

When you eat fat, do you get hungry earlier or later?


Your Children and Pesticides

Your Children and the Pesticides You Feed Them

Pesticides and ADHD

Pesticides and ADHD

Autism and OC Pesticides

Autism and Fetal Organochlorine Pesticide Exposure

A worldwide survey of neonicotinoids in honey

A worldwide survey of neonicotinoids in honey

Association of Frequency of Organic Food Consumption With Cancer Risk

The French look at Cancer Risk Based on Organic vs Conventional Food Consumption – Interested in Results?

DDT World Exposure

People are exposed to DDT still today through either breathing or eating

DDT and Breast Cancer:

Girl babies exposed to DDT in utero have more breast cancer!

Pesticides Antibiotics Conventional Organic Milk USA 2019

When you serve your children certified organic milk, you protect them from pesticides used in conventional cattle feed and milk production.

Maternal DDE and Preterm and Small Babies

This study shows an association between maternal serum levels of DDE and the births of preterm and small for gestational age babies.

Pregnancy and Breast Milk

Long Chain PUFAs and Pregnancy Outcome

PUFA levels have an amazing amount of correlation with pregnancy outcomes

Placental Transfer of Fatty Acids

The Placenta Concentrates the Levels of Select Fatty Acids Sent to the Baby

Breast Milk Changes During Lactation

Does Breast Milk Change to Better Feed Baby?

Changing Breast Milk Fatty Acids

Human breast milk fat is very changeable

Dutch Breast Milk Study

Organic Eating Dutch Mothers' Milk is Higher in CLA

Breast Milk Compared : Tsimane vs Cincinnati Mothers

Does Mom's Nutrition Affect Breast Milk Nutrition?

Breast Milk Changes In Long Term Vegetarians

Are these changes known and understood by vegetarians?

Breast Milk in Vegans

Human Diets have Profound Influence on Breast milk Composition

AA and DHA in Breast Milk Around the World

AA and DHA in Breast Milk Around the World

Breast Milk Composition in Cuban Mothers

Breast Milk Composition in Cuban Mothers

Breast Milk Changes due to DHA in Algal Oil

Breast Milk Changes due to DHA in Algal Oil

DHA in Mothers and Infants in Taiwan

DHA in Mothers and Infants in Taiwan

Placental Transfer of DHA

Placental Transfer of DHA

Consumption of organic foods and risk of atopic disease during the first 2 years of life in the Netherlands

This study is a follow-up to the Dutch Breastmilk Study. Organic Food Consumption reduced the chances of eczema development.

Preconception Exposure to Phthalates and Phthalate Substitutes 
With Preterm Birth

Preterm birth is the factor most strongly associated with neonatal mortality and long-term morbidity globally.