100% Grass Fed Beef Sides

Flavor, CLA, omega-3. Most of all – FLAVOR!

Our grass fed animals have a lot of exquisite flavor! If you have never tasted grass fed beef, please try some ground beef first, before you buy a quarter or half. The difference between conventionally raised beef and ours will astound your taste buds! Many customers comment that our grass fed beef tastes different than what they have eaten in the past.

Our animals are 100% Grass-fed and graze exclusively on our pastures in Northern Colorado. This means that they never receive any grain – never any grain. They eat fresh grass when available, and standing grass and hay through the winter.

Big Red and Calves Bellvue Dome

Windsor Dairy Beef is dry-aged for 14 days and comes cut and frozen in vacuum-sealed plastic packages.

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How much does it cost? How much beef will I get?

The chart below gives approximate sizes and costs of sides. Weights may vary, as each animal is different.



Total approx. weight

Price per pound

Total approx. cost

Deposit required


80 - 110 lbs.


$600 ­- $825



160 – 220 lbs.


$1160 ­- $1595



320– 440 lbs.


$2240 ­- $3080



How do I order? Do I need to put down a deposit? When do I pay?

You secure your order by sending us a deposit for a whole ($400), half ($250), or quarter ($150) of beef.

The deposit is non-refundable and is deducted from the final cost of the beef.

The balance due must be paid upon receipt of the beef.

You may mail a deposit check (please note "beef deposit" in the memo) to:

Windsor Dairy
ATTN: Beef
6427 WCR 68.5
Windsor, CO 80550

OR You may use PayPal to make your payment here. Please note "Beef deposit" in the memo.

Grass Fed Bulk Beef Deposit

What cuts will I get? How many steaks/roasts/pounds of ground beef?


Included Cuts:

*Ground Beef

**Assorted Roasts

=Assorted Steaks



Approx. 1/3

Approx. 1/3

Approx. 1/4

Approx. 1/10


25 – 40 lbs.

25 – 40 lbs.

20 – 30 lbs.

8 – 12 lbs.


50 – 75 lbs.

50 – 75 lbs.

40 – 55 lbs.

15 – 25 lbs.


110 – 150 lbs.

110 – 150 lbs.

100 – 125 lbs.

35 – 45 lbs.

. *Ground Beef – Packaged by the Pound

**Assorted Roasts - Chuck, Arm, Heel of Round, Rump & Pot Roast

=Assorted Steaks - Filet Mignon, Rib-Eye, NY Strip, T-bone, Sirloin, Sirloin Tip & Flank

==Other - Stew Meat, Soup Bones & Short Ribs


Organ meats (liver, tongue, heart, kidney & ox-tail) are available for purchase separately, by request.

They DO NOT come as part of your whole, half, or quarter of beef.



How and when do I get my beef? Do you deliver?

We do NOT deliver! You must be able to pick up your beef at the Dairy in Windsor, Colorado. Once we receive your deposit, we will contact you to give you an estimated ready date or schedule a pick-up time.

Pick-up times are by appointment only. Call Arden at 970-481-8314 or e-mail at windsordairy.com.


Do I need to bring my own coolers/ice chests to pick-up the beef?

Yes. Windsor Dairy does not supply coolers for transporting your beef home.

One cubic foot holds approximately 25 pounds. If your cooler is measured in quarts, one cubic foot is approximately 30 quarts.


How much freezer space will I need?

One cubic foot holds approximately 25 pounds. An 8 cubic foot chest freezer will hold one side, or about 200 pounds of beef.

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About Windsor Dairy

Windsor Dairy is owned and operated by Drs. Meg Cattell & Arden Nelson, board certified bovine veterinarians. Windsor Dairy employs weekly bacteria testing to insure that your milk is free of bacterial pathogens.

Milk Shares:

In May of 2005 the Colorado state legislature recognized that people should have the freedom to consume raw milk. It is now legal to drink fresh milk from a cow that you own.

This means you can buy a share of a cow in our herd and board it at our farm. In exchange you have access to the most delicious and nutritious milk we know of. Please review our FAQs to find information on how to get started.

You may visit your cow during our pick up hours, and we encourage you to do so. We perform a service for you by feeding, caring for, and milking your cow, and you benefit by being able to utilize the milk.

Printable Directions and Hours

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