What is Windsor Dairy's Learning Center?

Meg and Arden of Windsor Dairy

Dr. Meg Cattell and Dr. Arden Nelson have curated these research summaries demonstrating the interconnections between human health and the consumption of organic bovine products.

Nutrition is everything to cows and to humans!

If we feed our food animals properly, they will feed us properly. Each of us has a health status that is a combination of the genes we inherited from our ancestors, and the nutrition we put into our bodies. Health happens when our bodies receive the nutrients that are needed.

These summaries are taken from the results of research that has been peer reviewed and published, and often represents the most current knowledge available.

During the production of our top-quality animal-based food, we prioritized your nutrition. While we have retired from farming, our dedication remains steadfast through ongoing updates to our Learning Center. Our aim is to help you stay informed about the latest advancements in human nutrition.

The Learning Center has been updated as of March 2023. Here are 6 random articles. Refresh your browser window to randomize them again. Be sure to use the Nav Menu to see the latest!

DDT World Exposure

People are exposed to DDT still today through either breathing or eating

Autism and OC Pesticides

Autism and Fetal Organochlorine Pesticide Exposure

AA and DHA in Breast Milk Around the World

AA and DHA in Breast Milk Around the World

Obesity and Vitamin D by Milk Type Consumed by Young Kids

Are we feeding the right fat level milk to our kids?

Cognitive Impairment Is Associated with a Low Omega-3 Index in the Elderly

Changing your diet to change your Omega-3 Index can reduce your cognitive impairment during aging.

Lyon Diet Heart Study

The most important diet intervention study for heart attack prevention!

Windsor Dairy, LLC

We sold our dairy farm by Windsor in January of 2015

  1. Therefore, we no longer produce raw milk, raw milk cheese, raw pork, or raw eggs.
  2. We extend special and deep-felt thanks to all of our members and customers that supported our food production for so many years. We are very glad we met you!

Meg and Arden