Your Pets' PUFAs: Your dogs and cats needs fatty acids just like you do!

ALA in Maternal Diet Produces Milk with No DHA

This confirms that dogs need a direct source of EPA, DHA, just like us humans!

Effects of Fish-based Food in Police Dogs

Omega-3 Index went from .5 to over 9.0, plus lower cholesterol, lower glucose and better anti-oxidant status! Only with fish oil? Really?!

Fatty Acid Changes in Dogs with the Right Diet

Feed enough EPA, DHA to dogs and they start placing these into their RBC membranes and rejecting omega-6 PUFAs, and it starts in the first seven days!

Omega-3 Index for Dogs and Cats

Derivation of the Omega-3 Index from EPA and DHA Analysis of Dried Blood Spots from Dogs and Cats

Omega-3 Index Tests If Dogs Can Use ALA as Source of EPA, DHA

Can Dogs Use SC-PUFAs or are they just like us humans that need an EPA and DHA source?