Pesticides and various adverse health effects.

A worldwide survey of neonicotinoids in honey

A worldwide survey of neonicotinoids in honey

Association of Frequency of Organic Food Consumption With Cancer Risk

The French look at Cancer Risk Based on Organic vs Conventional Food Consumption – Interested in Results?

Autism and OC Pesticides

Autism and Fetal Organochlorine Pesticide Exposure

DDT and Breast Cancer:

Girl babies exposed to DDT in utero have more breast cancer!

DDT World Exposure

People are exposed to DDT still today through either breathing or eating

Maternal DDE and Preterm and Small Babies

This study shows an association between maternal serum levels of DDE and the births of preterm and small for gestational age babies.

Pesticides and ADHD

Pesticides and ADHD

Pesticides Antibiotics Conventional Organic Milk USA 2019

When you serve your children certified organic milk, you protect them from pesticides used in conventional cattle feed and milk production.

Your Children and Pesticides

Your Children and the Pesticides You Feed Them