Milks Compared: the startling differences between conventional and organic milk.

Alpine Cheese

Alpine Cheese is Different than Lower Elevation Cheese, It's Higher in Omega-3

Bovine Milk Fatty Acids

Bovine Milk is not Bovine Milk

Casomorphine and A1-A2 milk

Casomorphine and A1-A2 milk

Fatty Acids in Organic and Conventional Milk

Fatty Acid Levels in Organically and Conventionally Produced Milk

Feeding Flaxseed to cows changes their milk

Feeding extruded whole flaxseed to cows increases the omega-3 content in milk, butter and cheese.

Grassmilk Fatty Acid Profiles

Large U.S. Study Comparing Conventionally Produced, Organically Produced, and Grass Fed Milk.

Nutritional Content, Protein Quantity, Protein Quality, and Carbon Footprint of Plant-based Drinks and Semi-skimmed Milk in the Netherlands and Europe

Are you Consuming Plant-based Drinks? Learn before you drink!

Organic Milk Higher in Omega-3 and CLA

Organic Milk Higher in Omega-3 and CLA

Raw Milk Quailty: Conventional vs Farmstead Cheese

Reviews of two studies: New York conventional milk and Vermont farmstead raw milk cheese