Obesity: review of obesity-omega-3 relationship.

Blood Glucose Patterns After Eating Carbs vs Fats

When you eat fat, do you get hungry earlier or later?

Dietary Calcium and Obesity

In high fat diets, higher calcium from dairy products decreases obesity.

Evaluation of Milk Type Consumed and Weight Status of Preschoolers

It has been assumed that if kids drink higher fat milk, they will be fatter.

Farmed Salmon in Mouse Diets Changes the Mice

Farmed Salmon are Different than Wild Salmon because their diets are different.

Fatty Acids Control Body Composition in Mice

CLA fed to mice resulted in the lowest body fat percentage.

Mouse Adipose Stimulation

Mice fed high fat diets with Omega-6 gained more weight

Obesity and Omega-3 EFAs

Exhaustive literature review of obesity-omega-3 relationship

Obesity and Vitamin D by Milk Type Consumed by Young Kids

Are we feeding the right fat level milk to our kids?

Omega-3 PC Affects Fatty Rats

Diets higher in Omega-3 decrease liver and blood fats in fat prone rats.